Hats · 21 December 2018
An article on the history of hat making!
11 August 2018
So there we were. Two fabulous women - wearing fabulous hats, lounging in the afternoon sunshine at my hat shop at the Manly Markets - and pondering the fear that some women clearly experienced when trying on my FABULOUS HATS. "They just are scared of being gorgeous again...of drawing attention to themselves by wearing such a glorious colourful statement piece," said Sophie. Sophie is a very talented artist - with a passion for colour. And a ...err...passionate nature (as most creatives have)....
Hats · 24 July 2018
Life as a market seller is a strangely exciting world. You meet the most amazing people from all walks of life. And Lid-ta was one of these special characters.
Hats · 31 May 2018
The rather unkindly referenced "Markle Debacle" saw some ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS hats emerge. BTW Meaghan- HAIR!!! I wanted to pull my bobby pin out of Miss 6's school pony tail and slick that pesky wisp back behind your ear. EVERY girll with long hair knows that wisps drenched in hair spray are more like birch broom stick needles than "romantic and wispy". NOTE TO SELF - at wedding number 3 do not do "the wisp". Now back to the hats.......None more Ab Fab than my favourite Royal (Princess Anne's)...
17 May 2018
I get asked, "So does "Big On Hats" mean that the hats are really big in brim, crown size (thats the inside bit that fits over your head) or that you are just nuts about hats in general? Well, the answer is yes to all three. You see, Princess Diana had a crown size of a whopping 64cms.
06 May 2018
The "inside story" of "to market, to market......
25 April 2018
Its really important to know who your customer is - and to find out what they like and don't like.....so I drove 3 hours from Sydney into Central Western New South Wales, Australia - to get face to face with customers.
16 April 2018
How do people get the idea to start a business like Big On Hats. Well mostly its because we were customers ourselves first. Yes. Thats right. I found the giant brimmed soft raffia hat while on holidaying with my small children at Jervis Bay on New South Wales South Coast. Ok. Well I didn't find the hat in Jervis Bay - I found it in a little shop in Berry. And it became my life saver that summer. I bought 3 of them...and then started my search to find the makers of the hats.