Mosman Markets in Sydney - 5th May 2018


Well, today I was at Mosman Markets (my regular monthly market in Sydney) and it was just fabulous! Seriously I loved it. VERY brisk in the morning and warming up to a scorching 29 degrees. I staggered out the front door at 7.30am, avoiding the lego "walk of fire" down the hallway past the bedrooms of sleeping children, and threw myself in the car, only to arrive at the market without the Marquee. I rang the other half who was going out of his mind herding the 3 kids to Saturday morning sport, and when I begged him to drop over the Marquee - he said, "Babe- you sell giant hats - just wear one!!!" I did. And the day was just gorgeous. Wow has Mosman changed. So many international residents who all have fabulous taste and snapped up most of my new colour range. Tomorrow, I am off to Collector - the Collector Village Pumpkin Festival - to showcase my range to the stylish country ladies (I kid you not, they are insanely stylish) and am soooo looking forward to it. 
Here are some pics of my gorgeous customers who picked up hats today.....Collector.(Half way between Goulburn and Canberra) Tomorrow. Here. I . Come. I will be on the main road through Collector (Stall 81 if my memory is correct) Come and say hello and pick up "the hat" for $65. See you tomorrow or back at Mosman Markets next month. Oh...and don't forget to like my page and share it with your friends too.

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