Beautiful, big wide brimmed hats.

Foldable. Crushable. Packable.

Elegant. Feminine.


Stylish sun protection to shield your skin from the harsh Australian sunlight.

Available in over 20 colours and patterns from pastels to primary colours.


Fits crown sizes up to 64 cms and can be adjusted down to 56 cms.

Designed in Australia.  Hand-made. Hand-dyed.

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Ginger Nut
This is a new Summer colour I just brought in.  Simply STUNNING. Great on brunettes and olive skinned ladies  but equally fabulous on fair skinned, brunettes and blondes.  This hat is a huge hit at my market stalls at the moment.  Everyone l ... (Read More)
Beautiful, natural, uncoloured and a perfect hat for blondes...and brunettes come to think of it.  Beautiful sun protection.  Dress it up or down.
The quintessential black hat.  Every woman needs one of these in her wardrobe.  A giant hat in the most elegant of colours that you can be certain will go with everything in your wardrobe.
One of our surprise best selling colours of the season.  Not quite a brown and definitely not black - but this warm, puplish colour is so different, and yet so complimentary to so many outfits.  If you want a dark hat - but just can't bear t ... (Read More)
Quite simply this is our best selling colour by far.  Who would have thought that turqouise would be so flattering a colour for so many women. It cools down ruddy complexions and makes eyes sparkle. 
Lime Green
An unusual colour that really looks sensational on some women.  The girls that buy this super hat just KNOW that this colour is "their colour".  An absolute show stopper - dress it up or down.  It's yet another colour in the amazing palette ... (Read More)
Hot Pink
Isn't this colour just amazing?  Fuschia is such a difficult colour for some women to wear as it can make a pink toned skin look very flushed - but on honey toned skins it can brighten complexions and make them glow.
Dusty Pink
This is  my gorgeous sister Maryrose - and of course she is wearing the beautiful colour Dusty Pink.  But this is really a soft Fuschia pink.  Utterly gorgeous.  Like my sister.
Black & Natural Thick Stripe
This colour combo has been a sleeper but is just gorgeous when "you just can't make up your mind." You really want a black hat ....but think, "Black is SOOOO boring".   Isn't this a SMASH.  The best of both worlds. ... (Read More)
Navy & Natural Thin Stripe
Yes, this is me.  Trying desperately to hide my identitiy under the lampshade of a hat at a rather posh lunch.  I was only wearing a navy sun dress - but if you schmooze it up with some pearls and a hat - Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out! ... (Read More)
Who would have thought that Orange could look so good so close up to the skin of your face?  The trick for choosing the perfect colour for your hat is to know what colours look good against your skin. This shade of orange is the perfect foil ... (Read More)
Nooooo.  NOT fifty shades of.  Just a greyish green hat that looks amazing on grey haired, green eyed women.  The old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be.  She's BETTER.
Just like I said.... Mustard.  A very unusual colour that my country friends sometimes refer to as "slurry" but it is such an amazing colour that teams well with Denims and Australian Neutrals.
Navy & Natural Thick Stripe
Such a beautiful hat - for my beautiful best friend who comes and has a laugh with me on the days that I have my pop up stalls.  She loves this hat - and you can see why!  Blondes just look amaze-balls in this colour combo.
Marshmallow Candy Stripe
It reminds me of marshmallows actually and looks beautiful on this customer who purchased from me at the Mortel Sheepskin Factory "Sunday Muster" outside of Newcastle.
Cinnamon & Natural Thick Stripe
The perfect solution for that moment when you are trying on the hats and just can't make up your mind which colour you want.  You know you want the plain natural - but that stripe really does add a bit of pizzazz.
Queensalnd Sunrsie Candystripe
Yes, this is the Fairy Godmother of my 8 year old son:  The fabulous artist:  Ms Sophie Gralton.  Do google her peeps.  Anyway - she adores my hats.  This is one of her personal faves! Another gorgeous colourful hat with so much versatility ... (Read More)
Candy Stripe - Red
Colourful Red Candystripe Raffia Hat.  Absolutely illuminating on faces who suit bright colours and even for faces that don't.  Absoltuely stunning!
This gorgeous red has been such a hit for so many women.  A dynamite colour for Anzac Day race events - and you know what they say about makes you go faster!!!
This gorgeous yellow looks simply stunning on my girlfriend Catherine.  Sometimes people get a shock when they try on a "BIg On Hats" style.  A colour they never considered flattering can all of a sudden showcase beautiful skin and eye colou ... (Read More)
Vita Wheat
Sorry - but we both know that if I call it Vita Wheat you are going to know EXACTLY what colour you are getting.  It is divine - and looks so good on nearly everyone.
From $65.00
Green and Blue Candystripe
Who would have thought this combination of colours could be so spectacular!  And so popular.
Red, Orange and Green Candy Stripe
She's playing with the stock again.  These hats suit green or blue eyed strawberry blondes.  A little like little Miss Big On Hats herself - the ginger ninja AKA Bette Midler junior.  Such a beautiful hat in such gorgeous stripes. ... (Read More)
Tropical Candystripe
She looks beautiful already - but this hat made her eyes sparkle and superbly complemented her fair skin and light hair tones.  Amazingly on a cold day in at a coutnry fair, this leather jacket clad Mummy popped on this hat and wowed us all. ... (Read More)
It's that slightly warmish nude colour that has peach overtones that we would call "nude" great on shoes.....and in hats too.  So, if you have the "nude shoe". cast your eyes over this amazing and very fresh colour.