Why are some women fearful of looking FABULOUS?

So there we were.  Two fabulous women - wearing fabulous hats, lounging in the afternoon sunshine at my hat shop at the Manly Markets - and pondering the fear that some women clearly experienced when trying on my FABULOUS HATS.


"They just are scared of being gorgeous again...of drawing attention to themselves by wearing such a glorious colourful statement piece," said Sophie.


Sophie is a very talented artist - with a passion for colour.  And a ...err...passionate nature (as most creatives have).


TIme and time again, we saw lovely beautiful characters of women, be drawn to our stall to try on hats, and sparkle under the attetion of illuminating their beautiful faces with reflected colour from the large hats that frames their faces.


Time and time again, they would experience shock as they saw the photos I would take, and share with them to show them how I saw them - and how these hats made them discover a part of themseves that reminded them of something they loved inside themselves.


Then, sometimes they would put the hat down, and say - I wouldn't wear it all that much.....I really don't need it....


Maybe it was something else - but many times I could see in their eyes that they were ashamed of drawing attention to themselves.  The silent shame of acknowledging that as they aged they were invisible and didn't think they were worthy of wearing something beautiful and colourful again.


Not sure.  But as Sophie - (who is NEVER afraid of anything)...as she said once, "Nothing scares me - I was taught by nuns".


Soph, tipped back the brim of her hat - topped up her lippy and gave a loud throaty laugh - as we enjoyed treating our lady customers with the very best service they could have.


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