About us

What are our hats made from?

Each handmade hat is carefully woven from a naturally grown and hand harvested grass called raffia.  The raffia is woven into a soft textile that is then dyed with organic natural dyes and stretched into lengths of fabric, and dried in the sunlight before being rolled and cut.






how to take care of your hat

It's a hat. Not a handbag.  Treat it kindly and with care.  Sure you can peg it into the boot of the car - but remember to remove it after you get back from the beach/racetrack/restaurant/cricket oval - otherwise the sun WILL bleach the colours out of it if it is left there for weeks. 


No....you cannot wash it.

how to store your hat

Store it upside down with the brim folded back like petals on a flower - so it will continue to retain its gorgeous shape and ability to be molded into the look you want.

what if it gets too crushed

If it gets too crushed you can iron it.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Run a steam iron over it - and it will return to its gorgeous original shape.  Another way to return crispness is to put it in the refrigerator overnight - on its own - on the shelf - not touching anything else - and it remove any moisture and floppiness from it.  Then take it out and use your fingers to stretch it into any shape you want.