Anzac Day 2018 - Selling Hats at the Bathurst Thoroughbred Race Track

So, one of my friends came up with the bright idea that my hats would be a smash hit at country race courses and polo matches.....

So at 6.30am I dragged the ever patient 23 year old Dutch au pair Charlotte (who really should have been staying in Sydney to mind the Taliban) and took her on a country road trip over the Blue Mountains, across Lithgow and into Bathurst - a central west country town that is a thriving hub of activity with a rich rural life, and universities exploding with young people - who were all ready to have a day of celebrations at the Bathurst Thoroughbred Race Track. 


It was the annual Soldier's Saddle race meeting - and three thousand 18 - 23 year olds - were streaming through the gates when they opened at 11am to party in style and glamour. 


Charlotte was in shock.  "These are not like the country people we have back home," she said as she noticed yet another glamorous girl sashay past in a revealing, yet highly stylish outfit.  


It seems that long hair - dead straight (those ceramic GHD's must have got a work out that morning), or glossy sausages of wavy ringlets were the go out here that day.


Pantsuits or rather split seamed, wide leg, palazzo style jumpsuits with tie waists and spaghetti strap tops were the go - teamed with all range of fascinators.


My beautiful wide brimmed beauties seem to only be of interest to the 35+ crowd - so I was thankfully selling loads of hats to the women in more tailored outfits - who were more sun conscious.  Because thats what it was.  Searingly hot out there.  Lord, some of those women were glad to swap a fascinator for a Big Hat.


Such hospitality. Such glamour.  And as we packed up at around the 5th race - I went for a walk across to the stables and admired those gorgeous horses.


Put a bet on the 7th and then reluctantly drove out the gates with Charlotte to begin the long drive home over the Blue Mountains back to Sydney.  Another day at the races ends.

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