Are your hats errr.....BIG? My head is huge!

I get asked all the time, "So does "Big On Hats" mean that the hats are really big in brim, crown size (thats the inside bit that fits over your head) or that you are just nuts about hats in general?

Well, the answer is yes to all three.

You see, Princess Diana had a crown size of a whopping 64cms. Yes, you heard correctly. I have a crown size of 60cms....and my hats ALL fit my head....and delicately sit on top of my head as light as a feather to frame my face in a pallette of gorgeous colour. 

How many of you have boght a hat that was made in a factory in a different country where the head circumfrence is clearly smaller on average than Australian women's sizes?

I have never been sure if this has been a deliberate ploy to save on the cost of materials to squeeze the most profit from manufacture or whether it has un-knowingly been made to fit the head size of some of our lovely southern Asian neighbours.....

Whatever the reason, when I found these gorgeous hats in the former French colony of Madagascar- as a customer I immediately pounced on them and bought 3 for myself and adored them.

At last I could go to the beach and have actual shade come over my head to cover my shoulders and decolletage AND onto the pages of my book/iPad/Phone. Bliss. 

At last I had a hat that did not squeeze my head in a vice like grip that left a red mark across my forehead after a day at the races.

At long last I had a gorgeous, sexy, age appropriate chic hat that was as light as a feather and provided colour around my face and I could match to my outfit and looked utterly fabulous and made me feel drop dead gorgeous.

Sigh. "The Hat".

So if you do have a crown size that is smaller - don't worry - I sell each hat with foam inserts that are like adhesive strips that sit inside the hat to reduce it in size.

BUT...If you do have a gloriously large crown....Hold your head high as if you are wearing one. You are in good company - you gorgeous Queen of all women. Mother of Princesses.

If you would like me to come and visit your rural and regional town or have a stall at your market or festival - just drop a comment below.

With much love, 
Madame Big On Hats.



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